What Type of Fence is right for you?

What Type of Fence is right for you?

The style of fence you pick will not only play a key role in your home’s design, but will also provide one of the most essential benefits: security. A professionally installed fence gives all homeowner a true sense of home which we all desire. Fencing, whether it be wood, chain link or wrought iron, will significantly influence your sense of home. Before choosing your next fence, be sure to review the eight most common fencing types below.

Wood Fence

Wood is the most popular fencing type across Canada. One of the more attractive options on the market gives homeowners a sense of privacy with variable height choices. They give homeowners a natural, warm and welcoming feeling while remaining an affordable option. Beware that the height and size of your fence will significantly alter the price. The greater the lumber you need, the more costly the project will be. On top of that, like all fences, the larger the fence the longer it will take to install.

In addition, wood fences can easily last the lifetime of your home. As with hardwood floors, the quality of your fence will be heavily dependent on the type of wood you select. And there is plenty to choose from.

Aluminum Fence

One of the most basic and attractive fencing types is aluminum. While it does not provide the amount of security many homeowners look for in a fence, it’s relatively maintenance free and can essentially look like any other type discussed in this article. The only maintenance will come during installation when you choose to paint and decorate it. However, along with the security, it’s not as strong as you may think and we do not recommend it for areas with severe weather.

Vinyl Fence

Besides cost, vinyl fencing is elite when it comes to any other category. Some manufacturers claim vinyl fences are almost five times stronger and four times more flexible than their wood counterparts.

Vinyl fencing is maintenance free and resists paint, allowing you to effortlessly clean graffiti or any other unwanted stains with a garden hose and soap, making it good as new.

Installing a vinyl fence may potentially have a higher upfront cost, but given its low maintenance costs and long lifespan, vinyl fencing is cheaper option than many other fencing types in the long run.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences don’t add much privacy to a residence or business but achieve the other basic functions of a fence quite well. Homeowners, school administrators and small business owners will be pleased to know that they are economical, durable and require very little maintenance.

Oftentimes, homeowners add a bushes, shrubbery, flowers, vines or even privacy slates on the outside of chain link fence to give it a more aesthetic appeal and additional privacy. Any homeowner can block their neighbours’ view with a small amount of creativity.

Wrought Iron Fence

When you observe homes with unique designs on top of their fences, oftentimes, these fences are wrought iron fence. Wrought iron fences are both strong and beautiful, but require constant upkeep. If you want to maintain its beauty, wrought iron fences require to be sanded/repainted every 2 to 3 years.

Furthermore, going back to the security provision, wrought iron fences are not popular options for the more conservative homeowner. Furthermore, wrought iron fences are custom manufactured and consequently are not cheap.

PVC Fence

Hands down, PVC is the cheapest way to fence in your yard. These fences use PVC to replace wooden stakes and pickets, and although not quite as sturdy, they can definitely serve their purpose. The posts are PVC sleeves that go on top of wooden posts to add stability to the fence, but also save on material costs by using not as much wood. Sometimes, the PVC stakes are attached with an adhesive to the cross bars and other times, they are fastened with screws. This type of fencing comes in a assortment of variable heights and colors. Because of its PVC makeup, the fence is very resistant and can last for years.

Bamboo Fence

Like hardwood flooring, bamboo fencing is starting to come into style in the market. It can be grown naturally. So our green readers will be glad to hear that it’s one of the most environmentally friendly and eye-catching options on the market.

There are three styles for bamboo fencing: live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane use poles linked together that are a bit sturdier than live bamboo. Live bamboo can grow up to a foot a year and is not recommended in colder climates.

Farm Fence

Farm fencing definitely doesn’t apply to everyone, but it plays a vital role across Canada. Just like all non-farm homeowners, you have countless choices, such as wood, electric, barbed wire, woven or high tensile. No matter what fencing type you go with, beware that installation is expensive and timely. Given the amount of land farmers own, one can imagine the manpower it takes to put up a complete fence.


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