Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

 Elite Fencing Systems Ltd is the leading fence company that gives all the needs of your Chain link fence. Chain link fencings are also named to wire nettingwire mesh fencechain-wire fencecyclone fencehurricane fence, or diamond mesh fence. Chain link fence is a kind of interlaced fence that is made from galvanized steel wire. Galvanization is a process used to protect the chains from rust, a protective layer of zinc is then covered on top of the steel or iron. Chain link fences are cheap and are meant to be rust free. The material used for the fences are tougher than any other fence and always keeps the area protected. Chain links are meant to last for long periods of time as the steel wires are not fused to each other, instead, the chains are linked into each other.

We offer a wide selection of chain-link fence products and materials for backyard fences on your home, chain-link fencing for your company, and fences for industrial covering and security reasons.

Fence fabric, cantilever sliding gate, fittings, gate, and more chain-link fence materials are offered in Edmonton. When you need chain-link fence materials, come to Fencing Elite Fencing Systems Ltd for the best source of security chain-link fences.

Chain Link is a popular fence material choice. Chain link offers a durability and an economical product mix. Fencing Elite Fencing Systems Ltd can help with your chain-link fence material needs, whether it’s a simple backyard fence for the dog, security chain-link fence for your business, or a chain-link driveway gate, we have the products and knowledge to help. We have abundant materials and resources to help you build a long-lasting chain-link fence to enjoy for years to come.

Though chain link fences are generally used for commercial and industrial projects to provide a border to cover a large area, it is also gaining popularity in the residential market. Standard sizes range from four to twelve feet tall.

Uses of chain link fences are for:

  • Housing
  • Business and Industrial Applications
  • Racing tracks
  • Dog Runs
  • Wrestling cages
  • Baseball fields
  • Parks
  • Exterior and Interior Enclosures

We offer chain link fences and fittings in various sizes, from 4ft to 8ft, but we also provide custom heights on order. For commercial projects, the most popular fabric range is of 9 gauges, for residential projects.

Chain link fences are mostly being applied onto due to its low pricing and easy installation, mostly industrial and commercial areas. Another advantage is that chain link fences does not block the path of light due to its open design. The exact height and customization can really improve the aesthetics of any property.

The manufacturing procedure of a chain link fence is known as weaving. The installation of chain link fence involves implanting posts in the ground and linking the fence to these posts. We provide all the hardware and fittings ready to install the post and fabrics. We also provide our customers a wide range of framework that includes posts and rails.

If an Fencing Elite Fencing Systems Ltd customer is concerned about their privacy, we offer our slats in a variety of colors to cover the chain link fence. For those who are concerned about the height of the fence giving the safety as a thing, we offer chain link fences that can go over the 12ft height, also for the barbed-wire and the razor ribbon type.

And remember, Fencing Elite Fencing Systems Ltd can deliver all your chain link fence fabric, hardware, and part needs!