Industrial Fencing Solutions

Industrial Fencing

At Elite Fencing Systems Ltd our industry experience ensures we understand your needs and execute a successful project every time. And our competitive pricing maximizes the return on investment your company will enjoy when working with Elite Fencing Systems. We have built miles of commercial fencing all over the greater Edmonton area. With a talented and devoted team, we have established a local reputation for delivering supreme quality and innovation while keeping our prices modest. Our industrial fencing is great for any application, from privacy and security to enhancing brand aesthetics. Our dedicated team can help you make the right choice.

Elite Fencing Systems Ltd is an experienced industrial fence contractor. We have installed fences for hotels, sports venues, school districts, local power companies, railroads, and several other industrial buildings. Because of our expertise, we can modify a proposal to meet any bid need or RFP requirements. Elite Fencing Systems Ltd understands that last minute issues are a fact of life in commercial projects, which is why we prepare for those eventualities and are committed to meeting tight deadlines for our commercial clients.

Elite Fencing Systems Ltd has extensive experience with industrial fencing around job sites and lay down areas, we offer various options for industrial fencing including:

  • Galvanized Chain Link
  • Security Fencing
  • Aluminum
  • Welded Wire Panels
  • Barbed Wire
  • Galvanized Pipe/Tube
  • Safety/Snow Fence (Orange mesh)
  • Temporary Fence
  • Hybrid Solution

Types of Gates:

  • Single Swing
  • Double Swing
  • Cantilever Slide Gates
  • Automatic Electric Gates

Elite Fencing Systems Ltd covers many commercial fencing applications available on the market today. Industrial chain link fencing is an excellent and affordable choice for storage facilities as well as parks and sports fencing for baseball fields. Industrial wood fencing can be a great choice for apartment complex construction, school facilities, and subdivisions.

Elite Fencing Systems Ltd has over 20 years experience in designing, engineering, managing and constructing complete fencing, access control, and security solutions. Our state of the art systems, expertly designed and executed by our teams from project management to construction, allow owners, designers, and general contractors to blend aesthetics and effectiveness to create turnkey perimeter security.

Elite Fencing Systems Ltd implements a successful strategy that focuses on project management, outstanding workmanship with a reputation for excellent customer service. Our experienced and professional crew, from estimators to licensed access control technicians are ready to provide you with both personal attention and project management. We have a process that includes initial assessment to QA/QC, a company safety policy, workers compensation, and liability insurance.

We are a full-service company that takes care of your needs, whether you own a commercial or industrial property. For large-scale projects where protection is a fundamental concern, we can give you with all of our top of the line products that are on the market that we can offer. There are a number of fresh ideas out there about how to defend your property from intruders, and we can help you understand the pros and cons of each.

We have a remarkable team of qualified crew and staff that know how to get big projects completed fast and professionally. Once we have finished planning the basic needs of your install, we will assess your property and give you an exact estimate of how long it will take to complete your project. Our hardworking team will do everything possible to stick to that deadline as an assurance.