Vinyl fencing

Elite Vinyl Fencing of Edmonton

Looking for the ideal fencing style to go with your house and landscaping? Elite Fencing offers Vinyl Fencing, the ideal fence for your needs! Our premium vinyl fences are built to last, with UV-resistant materials and impact-resistant construction. Switch to a premium vinyl fence today and get the low-maintenance, attractive fence you’ve always wanted. Our customers come to us hoping for a high quality, long-lasting vinyl fence to beautify and enhance their yard or landscape, and we don’t let them down. We have a wide range of fencing solutions available in several styles and colors. Call us now to find out more about our solution and services.

Why choose vinyl fencing?

Vinyl Fencing can help you find the ideal vinyl privacy fence to match your home’s or landscape’s style. We can help you choose from a range of types, designs, and sizes to discover the fence that best meets your landscaping needs, whether you want the security of a vinyl privacy fence or the traditional accent of a picket fence. Your yard space will be protected and private with premium vinyl privacy fences. Vinyl fences are affordable, endure longer with minimal maintenance, and provide a sturdy wind barrier.

Residential Vinyl Fencing Edmonton

Elite Fencing Solutions provides superior residential vinyl fencing that is UV- and impact-resistant, making your fence fade-proof and impact-resistant in all weather conditions. Our vinyl goods are ribbed, which means the interiors aren’t completely hollow, allowing even the most energetic kids to kick a soccer ball against them all day. Our skilled fencing installers have expertise in installing high-quality vinyl fencing. Here are some of the techniques and materials we employ while constructing your new fence! Our crew employs galvanised 2 3/8″ steel posts for our premium vinyl fences to ensure that your fence is safely anchored. After that, we apply post levelling collars to our steel posts to ensure that your fence remains completely straight. This ensures that your vinyl fence will not sag or lean after installation. The final element we employ in our installation is gate hardware, which comes after your vinyl fencing. Our gate hardware is simple to modify, so you’ll never have to use a cordless drill to move a latch again.

Our fencing professionals can provide a wide range of colour profiles to our customers, and we can even mix and match your colour choices to create the fence of your dreams. Thanks to new vinyl material innovations, almost every fencing type and colour combination are achievable!